New Home with a Mix of Husband and Wife

The many different kinds of shutters can really make your head spin when that is one of the things that you need to pick one out for a new home. Looking for indoor and outdoor shutters can really make everything crazy! This is why I was more than happy to find some window shutters. The style and the look was exactly what I wanted and the price was great as well!

It started as a small project with a new home, most everything was picked out and there was just some details that needed to be picked out as well. One of them was the shutters or blinds in the home. Me and my husband had picked traditional ones for the outside of the home, but for our own interests we wanted something different for the inside. We were looking for something more unique and something that would fit perfectly with our style, which is also interesting. I grew up in the country and had a more rural way of life. I grew up around farms and more laid back kind of life. My husband has more of a city life but has always loved southern culture, which is what I know and I grew up knowing. Our new home is a combination of city meets country, but mostly southern influences.

We had looked at all kinds of blinds and shutters and had to explain what we were looking for. We wanted something more interesting than the traditional style, but we wanted something that expressed who we are as people and would match all our decor. We finally saw some plantation shutters and as soon as we saw them, we both looked at each other with the “That is it” look. They were shutters that I knew growing up in rural Florida. My grandmother had them in her home in the kitchen and in the living room. When we decided on those as the look we wanted, picking out the colors and what the shutters were made of was easy. We wanted something that would go with whatever we decorated the home with so we went with the classic white on wood.

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